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Belgian Beer Cafe, Food, Flatlay, Dubai, Alyssa Nicole, Technemoda

Brunch at a pub sounds ridiculous. But apparently, it’s a thing, not to mention, cool.

Nestled in between round-abouts and u-turns is Grand Millennium Hotel, and inside it is a pub— Belgian Beer Cafe. True to its name and Belgian culture, BBC has the best beers. As what they say, “beer is to Belgium what wine is to France”. Well, this blog is as wholesome as it can get, I am in no way promoting beer consumption— just want to get that straight. Because apart from the drinks, BBC is one of the few that serves the best brunch. I kid you not. I may or may not have ate a serving for two and this post will convince you so.

Belgian Beer Cafe, Dubai

I came in prepared at 2 (I know, that’s no brunch time, but hell with it!), with my tummy secretly growling. The pub has 3 floors, and we stayed at the rooftop. While they don’t normally open the top floor at that hour, we were given a special access. I immediately thought that service would be a problem as obviously, all the help were on the first two floors, but no, service was A+. We were assisted with a 5* service and they made sure that all our needs were assisted and food arrives on time— such a shame, I didn’t get our server’s name.

For starters, Nicole and I ordered Cappuccino to warm our bellies. The coffee was well-made— I know a good cappuccino when I have one.

Belgian Beer Cafe, Dubai, Coffee, Cappuccino

We went ahead and ordered 1 to 2 dishes from each category; we wanted to taste them all. The waiter was of big help, too. Suggesting must-try dishes and best-sellers. Ordering was easy-peasy.

Our starter platter came not long after and we get to enjoy it while having our ‘cinnos over gossips we get to dish once in a blue moon.

Belgian Beer Cafe, Food, Flatlay, Dubai


Belgian Beer Cafe, Food, Flatlay, Dubai

Then came the Main Course, and we were surprised at how big the servings were— we’re pretty sure that 2 ladies cannot gulped it all down, but surprise (!!!) we somehow finished them all, though we called out for 2 more hungry tummies.

Belgian Beer Cafe, Food, Flatlay, Dubai, Alyssa Nicole, Technemoda

Belgian Beer Cafe, Food, Flatlay, Dubai

Belgian Beer Cafe, Food, Flatlay, Dubai

The croques became an instant favorite. The Rib-eye was juicy and tender, too. An easy bite. They also let us try the wings and made us a special sauce; it has Jack in it. While it is not on their menu, you can request this one. The Mariniere reminds me of home! The mussels were cooked nicely and it smelled so good and fresh. The smelt of wine is distinctive, all the more when you have a bite.

Dessert is not to miss. We were sooo full and tummies were about to burst, yet we unsurprisingly still have space for desserts. As what they always say, there’s always a room for desserts!

Belgian Beer Cafe, Food, Flatlay, Dubai, Alyssa Nicole, Technemoda

I ate all them strawberries; no shame. While all of it were sweet and delish, the waffle with vanilla ice cream was my #1, I mean, why not?

Belgian Beer Cafe, Food, Flatlay, Dubai, Desserts

Of course, our experience wouldn’t be completed without a glass of beer. Nicole and I tried the sweet one, a recommended one, perfect for us ladies, and BBC is the only one that serves this; Kriek. It’s bloody red color made up for its fierceness. The taste weirdly reminds me of my cough syrup when I was a child, though. With its berry-bitter taste; it’s actually good for a beer. This is perfect for people like me, who are not really a fan of bitter beers.

Belgian Beer Cafe, Dubai, Belgian Beer, Kriek

Belgian Beer Cafe is a perfect chill-out spot, day and night. Its 3-floor cafe is spacious enough to accommodate a number of group; if you hate crowded places, this cafe is for you. The service was A+, too. We were assisted nicely and politely. As for the value of money, it is affordable and servings were generous.

Thank you, BBC, for having us for brunch and for being nice enough to put up with our weird flatlay stints and whatnot. You guys are the best! And I’m just happy that you are just a 15-minute walk away from my home!

Guys, BBC is all over Dubai. Come and visit them for a drink or two. or a bite or two. We all deserve a de-stress time.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Belgian Beer Cafe, Grand Millennium Dubai. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine. Photographs are subject to copyright. Any usage shall bear credits.


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