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Burj Al Arab at night.

“Why am I at the beach at 12MN?”, says Kris.

Kris & I were at our favorite nook in Starbucks, when my mom asked my whereabouts. Apparently, she and her friend just finished seeing Inferno and it’s practical to go home together. It was when we reached the parking, that my mom’s friend said, “Let’s go somewhere, the beach, maybe. I don’t feel like going home yet.” Then I heard my mom’s resounding yes. I don’t know where these ladies get their energy. I hope when I am in my 40s, I am as jolly as they were.

Not long after we took our seats, Kris fell asleep. It is way past our sleeping time and we just had a long day (+ Kris likes to sleep during travels, no matter how long the trip is). I was resting my head on his shoulders and starting to fall asleep, too, when mom called me. She likes to bother me in glorious times, apparently. I looked up and saw the spectacular and beautiful that is Burj Al Arab; she was pointing it to me, as if I haven’t seen it yet. Actually, no matter how many times i’ve seen it, I still take a photo each time, like it’s the first time I laid my eyes on it. It reminds me how my decision 3 years ago, was the best yet. Sometimes, I still can’t believe that I reside outside the Philippines. I was not one to dream living abroad, but here I am.

12MN AT THE BEACHI tried to wake up Kris to point the Burj, but he was too sleepy that he just grunted at me. We luckily found a parking. It’s weird how at this hour, the parking was still full. I guess, a lot of people like to spend the wee hours at the beach. It is calming, to be honest. I jolted at him to wake him up, and he looks disoriented in a cute way. Confused as to where we were.

“I should be sleeping now.”
“Is that the Burj Al Arab?”
“Why am I at the beach, at this hour?”

Perplexed, I stayed quiet. I just kept on walking, while low-key dragging Kris. After 5-minutes, I guess he came into his senses, and got his brain wake up and function. We were at the construction side, near the park, a little messy with all the construction going, but it gave us a good view of the Burj Al Arab.

Burj Al Arab at night.

Burj Al Arab at night.

Thinking about it, in my 3 years living here, I have never admired Burj Al Arab, at night, this close. Looking at it gives me this luxurious out of this world feels, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, and the soft murmurs of people talking, adds to that surreal feeling. I live here. This is my city. This is my second home.

If you are coming to visit Dubai, the Burj Al Arab is surely on your list. But day-time tour is so overrated, try visiting at night. You can either go by cab, or take the Big Bus Dubai night tour. There are also kiosks by the beach and restaurants nearby for when you get hungry or you simply want to eat something while walking on the beach. And if you want to go inside Burj Al Arab, which I haven’t done myself either, I believe, there are tours available. But if you are saving your dirhams, you can see this video and imagine the luxury of Burj Al Arab. Or you can book a dining experience. It all depends on your time availability and budget. Either way, seeing this 7* hotel from the outside, alone, is enough.



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