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Hello, world!

A little trip back in time, shall we?

I have been blogging even before blogging has become a thing. I wasn’t even aware that what I was doing back then is blogging. If you have been reading my blog or a constant Instagram lurker, it’s pretty evident that apart from my penchant over pretty things in general, I like to write and tell stories. I am pretty much talkative by nature. So when the interwebs offered an avenue to write, I plunged in.

Early 2000s, I decided to make use of Friendster’s note feature as an online diary. Back then, I wasn’t too careful about the things I share; I was way too open about my personal thoughts. I thought, no one visits that part and that no one will read my letters— boy, I was wrong! That has to be lesson #1; we surely do learn things by experience. We shouldn’t over-share online, particularly personal matters. Then came, Xanga. I remember spending hours on the internet café, just to tweak the look of my page. I would even use glittery cursors and flashy banners! It was a cool thing back then, so don’t judge. On Xanga, I would share random love quotes and spill over my thoughts and random musings— it was pretty personal. I wasn’t able to push through with Xanga and abandon it not long after. Then I discovered Tumblr and its hipster culture. I gushed over pretty pictures and re-blogged my heart out. Then I started writing prose and poems. A few people have noticed and have sent me messages of encouragement; it made me write more. Then I transitioned to life documenting. I even have a few beauty and fashion posts that when I try to go back and view, I just cringe in shame. I was really awkward!

Then I stopped blogging for a period of time. I became busy with work. Life happened. And I became really conscious with my writing, I would then think, someone would criticize my work and then laugh at me. I was afraid of criticisms and rejection. The fear stopped me from creating.

Then, in 2013, I got my heart broken. I turned back to Tumblr for posts about the matters of the heart because I was alone in a foreign country, I have no one. The words have become my friend. I would read a hundreds of posts and nod in agreement, and then cry some more. And then, I started writing again. I would pour my heart out in the form of words. I would post every day, it helped me gain my sanity back. That’s when I knew that writing and blogging would always be a part of me. I would write and write. I would stare at the vast city of the foreign land that I was in, and then write. I would write in cabs, in waiting sheds, in cafes, everywhere. I would write in despair. I became comfortable writing anonymously, but then I learned to share a piece of me. I would send links to friends and they would tell me how much they love my writing and that I should write some more.

I never stopped writing since then.

I moved to Dubai in 2014. I left my whole life back in Manila. I only took one suitcase with me. The first year was pretty hard. I was bored to death.  I would still write on my Tumblr, but it started to feel wrong. I was too engrossed with the fact that I have a clean slate, and so stepping a little back into my old world feels weird.

The intimidating WordPress successfully lured me in. I decided to create a new blog. It sat empty for quite some time, till I found the will to learn its interface. I published my first post in December 2014 and I bought my first domain in January 2015, a birthday gift to myself.

My blog started to gain traction, that a mere hobby, became a passion project.

And now, I am once again writing a first post. After 2 years, I decided to up my blogging game and gave my blog a new look and feel. Plus, a personal hosting. I’ve never been excited about my blog! Kris and I spent weeks working on this blog— though it was mostly his effort. From finding the perfect template, to working on my banner and logo, up to the trivial nitty-gritty of things such as Pantone of texts and whatnot. It wasn’t an easy task, not to mention the struggle to get the domain working, on installing the WordPress once again, just to fix the Permalink, which means, we had to redo everything 3x. And now that it’s all up and live, we can finally celebrate and get on content creation; work never stops, apparently.

If you have reached this part, gracias for reading and give yourself a pat on the back, as not everyone has the will to read. Guess, it’s not a reading era anymore, hence every time I find someone who loves reading, I leap with happiness.

This  blog will not only contain spilled thoughts, but photos. Lots of photos. Lots of stories. Of life and (mis)adventures. I would like it to  be a place that gathers creatives, travelers, photographers and story-tellers— who are passionate about exploring & living, of experiencing life in style and preserving it through photographs. I believe that photographs speak a thousand words, so with every photograph comes a unique life story that I wish to impart to others and a story to preserve for the future to discover.

Thank you for celebrating this milestone with me and I can’t wait to get blogging again. I will try to be as consistent and as active.

Also, let’s keep in touch. I would love to get to know all of you better, a conversation sounds nice. You may send me a Facebook message or email or a DM on Instagram.

See you around!

Here’s to more adventures,



Big thanks to Kris-Audrick for working on this blog. From hosting to design, even my header and logo is his handwriting. All of this wouldn’t be possible without him. This blog is a product of his creativity and talent, a product of love.

Hey, Kris! You are this blog, too. Thank you for working day and night. And for constantly pushing me to work on my passions, to do better, to keep on creating. I appreciate all your efforts and I am really thankful and beyond blessed to have you. You are not only my partner, but my best friend and cheerleader!


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