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BOUNCE Middle East recently launched their OFF THE WALL party.

For some weird reason, people think I lost some weight during the holidays. Odd, as I’ve been in a good relationship with food this holiday season, with no food restriction, eat-all-your-Manila-favourites kind of diet. Even the first sentence that my mom said to me, when she finally got to take a good look at me after 2 weeks of being apart was, “Pumayat ka.”

Does this mean I get to eat more?

Kidding aside, BOUNCE sure was a good idea to carry on with losing weight (my doctor would be pleased). As BOUNCE launch their Off-The-Wall party, together with some bloggers, we got invited to experience the kick and fun first-hand! The invite to bounce the life away came just in time, before I set back to eating unhealthy again.

We went straight to BOUNCE after work, muscles unprepared. (Tip: If you are commuting, better take an Uber from FGB Metro Station, as hailing a cab in that area is quite a struggle)



When we got there, we were greeted enthusiastically and then we were given our BOUNCE socks. Then we were led to the chill zone, while we wait for the others to arrive. This dedicated chill out zone is where all partygoers can hang out as they wish. So when you feel exhausted, you can stay in this area, to rest for a moment.



They also have changing area and lockers, so you need not to worry about your stuff.

Not too long after we changed, the party started! We went to the free zone area, where we were taught the basic bouncing skills. This is a two hours unlimited jump time, and you can rest in between! In this session, we were able to experience all that BOUNCE has to offer. The Big Bag and the Basketball were our personal favorites. There was a dedicated BOUNCE crew, who patiently taught us the basics and tricks; but I seriously suck at this lol. There is also another staff, exclusively in charge of taking our portraits and selfies, complete with lights! Hashtag cool.






We flyyy!


This kind of flying requires some serious skills (lol not).



The boyf knows how to bend! Should we consider gymnastics? or maybe serious bouncing?


And when we all finally got tired and hungry, we went to their newly transformed OFF THE WALL party room where we ate (they just have the best fries; crunchy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside) and danced our heart away! And if you have your own playlist, you are free to be your own party’s DJ. This room felt like out of the bounce world, complete with LED neon lighting and comfy beanbags.


So, if you are looking for a different kind of bonding activity between friends or colleagues, BOUNCE should make it to your list. Their party package is perfect for a night filled with fun and calories burning activities!



OFF THE WALL parties are priced at AED 170 per person inclusive of jump time, party room and the basic food package. The parties will be available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and can be booked from 6pm onwards, seven days a week.


To see more of the fun, watch our vlog!⚡️


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for BOUNCE Middle East (House of Comms). All thoughts and opinions are solely mine. Photographs are subject to copyright. Any usage shall bear credits. (© @krisaudrick and I. // @litratwo_)

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