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We all have that low days. The type where you just want to lounge in your bed and forget about the world. The kind where waking up early in the morning for work feel more like of a drag. The feeling of not wanting to do anything, that everything you will do is basically nonsense and a waste of time. You know that 9gag photo of an employee, throwing the papers in her boss’ face. Yeah, that one.

I guess, it comes with aging. I have to agree, quarter life crisis is real you guys. It’s where you question your self-worth and purpose in life. When you were in pre-school, answering what you want in life can be solved with a drawing and a quick, clear and loud answer of “I want to be a doctor when I grow up”—  well, growing up is definitely a trick. At 12, you realized that you hate the sight of wounds and blood turns your knees into jell-o. And that, that same question, when asked after 20 years, could surely make you want to climb Mt. Everest and shout, “WTF, LIFE! COULD YOU JUST HAND ME MY PURPOSE ON A SILVER PLATTER?”

Of course, sulking can be tiring, cause as a grown woman, you wouldn’t expect your mom to pick you up and promise you a trip to the mall, a bag of candies and a new toy to cheer you up, that just doesn’t work when you’re an adult anymore. It’s the time where as much as possible, you want to keep things from your mom cause you wouldn’t want to stress her out with your own sh*tty life. That coming to her crying would be the last and worst resort.

So, moving forward. You get up and face the world like a real, adult, and mature person. You walk into your bathroom, look at yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself, “what now?”

I feel sh*tty lately and it’s not the first time, so I kinda mastered the art of getting up and facing the world like I am Beyonce.

1.I grab a cup of coffee. Nothing beats the aroma of coffee and the caffeine kick in the morning. It’s like the coffee is my power button and it fuels me to get moving. My favorite mix: 1x tablespoon of coffee, half jar of skimmed milk, a bit of milk chocolate, a bit of water, and 2x Stevia tablets. Then I put a whole lot of ice!

2. I listen to music. I stay away from mainstream music and turn to indie music, the chill type. It puts me into a good, productive mood. I guess we have to thank the therapeutic effects of music.I like listening to Majestic Casual, or a random playlist based on my mood on 8tracks, and currently, I turn to Deezer.

3. I write. All my frustrations. All my dreams. All my hearts’ desire. It’s like telling a friend, what’s up, and that friend just listens and doesn’t talk, doesn’t complain. I also try to catch-up with my blog’s backlogs. But mostly, on times like this, I just write on my private journal, usually onto my Evernote notebook, where I know my feelings and emotions are safe.

4. I lurk on Pinterest… and pin like crazy. My OCness have reached my Pinterest page and I organized my board. Whenever I am in much need of visual inspiration and whatnot, I browse Pinterest. I mostly check photography, journaling and minimalism.

5. I check my favorite blogger’s page. I mostly check Margaret Zhang’s; she’s my official life peg. She blogs about her travels, fashion, and style. She writes very well and takes pretty vogue-worthy photos. Her Instagram page is well curated, too.

6. I scroll through Instagram. Like crazy. I check my explore page and favorite hashtags such as #socality, #postthepeople #flatlay #whiteaddict #onthetable #minimal, etc. For creative and artsy approach in journaling and life documenting, I check #studiocalico #journal #lettering. I also check my favorite grammers page; I am very choosy when it comes to following people, that I can’t deny, cause I want to see nice and inspirational pictures on my feed. It’s like my mood board, created by other creatives. Sometimes, I browse VSCO, too.

7. I eat. Whenever I am stressed out, I’ll ask K if he wants to eat out. It’s my subtle way of telling him that I am stress and I want to eat, please say yes.

8. I take photos. Sometimes, I schedule photo-shoots, but most of the time, I just take random photos, of my daily travel, of other people, of skyline, and whatnot. Taking pictures help me bring my creative mojo back. But like writing, there are moments where all shots taken don’t make the cut; which makes me feel worse. I try to be kinder to myself now and just take photos, without pressure; I can’t be Margaret Zhang in a day, reality check. If it didn’t pass the standards, there will always be Facebook, I can always share it there.

9. I clean-up my room space. I organize my closet, fix my bed, and work desk. Like recently, I arranged all my books on an IKEA Raskog Cart. They’re nice to look at, plus it would be easier for me to take out books.

10. I take a break. On weekends, I am usually busy, working on personal projects, but sometimes, I take a break. A typical life break looks like this; wake up at 11, eat brunch, do house chores, binge watch netflix, read a book, of course, with eating times in between.

At the end of the day, the option will always be yours, either you let life kick you in the ass or you’ll be the one kicking ass. After-all, it’s always just a bad day (or week, or month), and not a bad life.


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